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AerSale® Provides AerSafe® System: A Proven and Cost-Effective Solution to Meet FAA FQIS AD Requirements

Miami, August 18, 2023 -- AerSale Corporation (NASDAQ: ASLE) (the “Company”), a leading provider of aviation products and services, announced today that its FAA approved AerSafe® Ignition Mitigation Means (IMM) meets the exemption requirements for the FAA Fuel Quantity Indicating System (FQIS) airworthiness directive (AD) and is available for installation on specific Airbus and Boeing products.

FQIS AD Applicability and FAA STC Number / AMOC

B737 NG AD 2020-18-13 ST02980NY
B777 AD 2020-18-12 ST04203NY
B757 AD 2016-07-07 ST04534AT (AMOC)
B767 AD2020-18-16 ST03599NY
A319, A320, A321 AD 2019-24-01 ST04010NY (AMOC)
A330-200 AD 2019-24-01 STC Pending (AMOC)

AerSafe is an FAA certified Ignition Mitigation Means (IMM) under 14 CFR 25.981(a)(c)(d) that uses precision hot wire cut reticulated polyurethane foam blocks to fill the cavity of an aircraft’s center fuel tank leaving negligible voids. The AerSafe system limits the amount of available oxygen within the empty space of the fuel tank where fuel vapors are present and prevents sparks or other ignition sources from initiating an explosion.

As a certified IMM solution, Boeing aircraft installed with AerSafe are exempt from the FQIS AD as can be found in paragraph (c) of the FQIS ADs for Boeing products, excluding the B757. AerSafe is a certified Alternate Means of Compliance (AMOC) for the Boeing 757 and Airbus aircraft. Originally designed to comply with the FAA mandate for Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction (FTFR), AerSafe has been chosen by numerous aircraft operators and leasing companies worldwide as their FQIS and FTFR AD solution with no reported failures. AerSafe is a superior engineered and manufactured product with no reported system failures since its introduction.

AerSafe is available for installation with kits in stock or available for delivery within 4 to 6 weeks pending airframe type. AerSafe has been designed to optimize aircraft down time by arriving in pre-packaged, precision pre-cut foam blocks resulting in an installation that is fast and efficient requiring only 24 hours installation time. Additionally, given the simplicity of the system, no additional maintenance is required between heavy checks making AerSafe the preeminent reticulated polyurethane foam IMM solution.


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AerSale serves airlines operating large jets manufactured by Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas and is dedicated to providing integrated aftermarket services and products designed to help aircraft owners and operators to realize significant savings in the operation, maintenance and monetization of their aircraft, engines, and components. AerSale’s offerings include: Aircraft & Component MRO, Aircraft and Engine Sales and Leasing, Used Serviceable Material sales, and internally developed ‘Engineered Solutions’ to enhance aircraft performance and operating economics (e.g. AerSafe™, AerTrak™, and now AerAware™).

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