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Model ESN Available For
RB211-535E4-37/12B 30513 Sale/Exchange
CF6-80C2B6 695477 Sale/ Lease
CF6-80C2B6F 704960 Sale/Lease
CF6-80C2B1F 706179 Sale/Lease
CFM56-5B4/P 779388 Sale/Lease
CFM56-5C4 741797 Sale
889548 Sale/Lease
31643 Sale/Lease
V2533-A5 V11898 Sale/Lease
V2530-A5 V10128 Sale/Lease


While we endeavor the keep this listing regularly updated, AerSale is continually acquiring more engines as well as receiving lease-return engines back into our portfolio. We invite you to speak with an AerSale engine sales and lease professional for the latest on AerSale engine availability.

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