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Aircraft Systems Component Services

AerSale Component Solutions (Formerly Avborne Accessory Group) is a recognized leader in providing advanced aircraft component repair services. Well known for delivering high-quality, on time, component MRO services, our in-house engineers have a penchant for developing new and innovative repairs. So whether you are looking for an affordable alternative to expensive OEM repairs, or looking for a repair development leader to engineer a repair regime for a component new to the aftermarket, AerSale Component Solutions can help. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians have decades of experience spanning an extensive range of commercial and military aircraft systems.

Specializing in:


Actuators, Pumps, Flow Control Valves, Servo Controls, Jackscrews, and Thrust Reverser System,


Air Turbine Starters, Bleed Air, Anti-Ice and Start Valves, Actuators, Cooling Turbines, Pneumatic Drive Units, and Pressure Switches.

Electrical Power Generation

Integrated Drive Generators, Constant Speed Drives CSD/IDG, Generators, and APU Starters.

Rewind Components

Stators, Rotors, Armatures, Coils and Solenoids.


Boost Pumps, Transfer Valves, Transmitters, Flow Indicators.


Engine PMCs, GCUs, BCUs, Static Inverters, Lights and Sensors.

Electro-Mechanical Components

Trim Actuators, Rotary & Linear Actuators, Flap Actuators, and Transmitters.

Aircraft Wheels and Brakes

Full MRO services covering the top 6 Wheel and Brake manufacturers in support of Commercial and Military aircraft.

AerSale Component Solutions Features

  • 24/7 AOG Service: +1 305.778.9156
  • Ready Spares Inventory Support for Loan & Exchange
  • Guaranteed Turn-Around-Time Options
  • Customized On-Site Inventory Support Programs

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