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Specializing in customized aircraft heavy maintenance and advanced airframe modification services

Extensive in-house engineering to provide outsized savings on structural aircraft repairs and systems upgrades

Customized aircraft heavy maintenance, modification, and conversion services, including long-term aircraft storage and end-of-life solutions

Aircraft MRO Services

AerSale® is a leading provider of specialized aircraft MRO services from its aircraft heavy maintenance and modification centers located in Goodyear, AZ, and Roswell, NM. We are one of the distinguished aircraft MRO organizations that has the necessary technical qualifications and operational resources to hold Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) “unlimited” repair station ratings for both airframe and component MRO operations.

We specialize in aircraft heavy checks, airframe structural modifications, passenger to freighter conversions, and firefighter tanker modifications. Our customers appreciate AerSale’s extensive aircraft engineering capabilities that enable us to provide a broad range of cost-effective repair development and modification solutions tailored to their project-specific requirements.

  • 10 bays (four wide-body and six narrow-body) totaling approximately 550,000 square feet
  • 13,000 and 8,500-foot runways in Roswell and Goodyear respectively
  • Aircraft heavy maintenance thru C/D checks
  • Major structural repair and modification
  • Avionics modification and upgrade
  • Custom interior reconfiguration and modification
  • Production skin replacements and sheet-metal modifications
  • Aircraft strip and paint services

Aircraft Storage and End-of-Life Services

Our Goodyear and AerSale Roswell facilities both feature arid desert climate storage for long-term aircraft and engine preservation. Meanwhile, our comprehensive suite of on-site services are ideally suited to our customer’s aircraft needs when the time comes to return them to service or permanently retire them from service.

  • Dry desert storage and preservation capacity for 650+ aircraft
  • Full on-site MRO and reconfiguration for cost-efficient aircraft return-to-service
  • Efficient on-site aircraft disassembly, materials warehousing, and distribution
  • Engine line maintenance, troubleshooting, on-wing repair, performance testing, borescope, and preservation
  • Expert aircraft and engine inventory, records audit, and documentation services
  • Complete suite of asset management services to maximize aircraft and engine residual values

Goodyear, Arizona, Certifications

Aircraft maintenance, modification, & storage
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