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Leveraging decades of aircraft modification experience to make ADS-B (Out) compliance more efficient and affordable

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Introducing AerSale’s cost-saving solution to meet the FAA’s latest mandate for Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) Out

ADS-B Background

Countries worldwide are implementing a more accurate way of tracking aircraft. The FAA has been systematically upgrading its air traffic control (ATC) network with a new global positioning satellite (GPS) based aircraft tracking technology called Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) as part of its next generation ATC upgrade initiative - Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). ADS-B will eventually replace radar as the primary air traffic surveillance method for global ATC monitoring, and the FAA has published regulations mandating ADS-B for applicable aircraft operations. ADS-B will allow equipped aircraft and ground vehicles to broadcast their detailed identity and precise location to other aircraft and ATC. This capability is called ADS-B (Out), while an aircraft’s capability to receive this information is called ADS-B (In). Importantly, the FAA has mandated that all aircraft must be ADS-B (Out) equipped by January 1, 2020.

AerTrak Development

When we looked to upgrade AerSale’s aircraft to incorporate ADS-B (Out), the existing options were very expensive. Seeing an opportunity to prospectively save AerSale and our customers millions in ADS-B (Out) upgrade expenditures, AerSale’s engineered solutions group set out to develop our own ADS-B (Out) solutions. Successfully developed, tested, and certified for service, AerTrak is our advanced cost-saving alternative for compliance with the FAA’s requirement for ADS-B (Out) capability.

Benefits of AerTrak

AerTrak offers tremendous value and flexibility when compared to OEM systems. Please reach out to an AerSale representative to see how AerTrak can benefit your organization.

  • Costs 40% to 60% less than comparable OEM solutions
  • Cost effective for operators of aircraft fitted with any OEM transponder/MMR combination
  • Compatible with most existing avionics and flight deck controls
  • Typically requires about three days of ground time for installation
  • Ready installation at authorized facilities; Current four week estimated order lead time
  • Can be installed remotely at hangars worldwide; Backed By AerSale's 24-hour technical support team
  • FAA and EASA approved for Boeing 737CL, 737NG, 757, and 777 aircraft

AerTrak Applicability

AerTrak is FAA and EASA approved for Boeing 737 Classic, 737 NG, 757-200 & 300, and 777-200 & 300 series aircraft to comply with current ADS-B requirements for aircraft operations in airspace defined by 14 CFR § 91.225 that must be equipped to meet the ADS-B Out mandate (ref: 14 CFR § 91.227 - Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Operations rule).

  • Boeing 737 Classic and 737 NG Series - FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) No. ST04009NY, EASA STC No. 10065422, and accepted by Transport Canada.
  • Boeing 757-200 Series - FAA STC No. ST04011NY and EASA STC No. 10068771, ANAC STC No. 2018S12-05, TCCA 5010-O-22-0066
  • Boeing 757-300 Series -  FAA STC No. ST04011NY and EASA STC No. 10068771, ANAC STC No. 2018S12-05, TCCA 5010-O-22-0066
  • Boeing 777-200 Series - FAA STC No. ST04184NY and EASA STC No. 10077012