About Us

We take pride in conducting our business with integrity and responsibility so as to establish long-term beneficial relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers, financiers, and shareholders.

Focus on value creation.

We are dedicated to leveraging our experience in flight equipment MRO and aftermarket support to innovate new, safe, reliable, and cost-effective aviation products and services.

Our people make the difference.

The men and women who make up AerSale’s workforce are comprised of leading commercial and technical professionals with extensive expertise covering all transport category aircraft and engine platforms.


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Thanks to loyal customers and dedicated employees, AerSale has become a great acquisition of aircraft, engines, and other companies and continues to grow.


Management Team

AerSale serves customers and supports employees through a passionate leadership team that includes highly experienced aviation professionals with decades of distinguished career service.


Quality Assurance

AerSale incorporates the highest standard of quality assurance practices and procedures into all operations, ensuring customers receive the highest quality products and services.



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Leveraging capital, infrastructure, experience, and leadership

to better serve our customers, employees, and shareholders.