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Maintaining one of the world’s largest airframe inventories to accommodate aircraft parts and material sales.

Airframe Parts & Material Sales

With over 100 aircraft purchased for disassembly since 2010, AerSale® is a reliable source of competitively priced and fully documented aircraft components for major airlines and MROs worldwide.

We currently stock over 700,000 line items of airframe inventory and over 30,000 unique numbers for aircraft parts to support the world’s most populous fleets, including Airbus, Boeing, and McDonnell Douglas aircraft. Our product selection includes:

  • Avionics
  • Rotables
  • APU
  • Nacelles
  • Landing Gear
  • QEC / EBU
  • Flight Controls
  • Safety Equipment
  • Interiors

Aircraft Parts for Sale

Our dedicated team of highly skilled, product-line specific sales professionals spans all major component groups and provides AerSale customers with unprecedented sales service, including post-sale and AOG support. Backed by a talented team of in-house technical and records specialists, we ensure that your organization gets the correct part, that it's properly documented, and then have it delivered on time at a competitive price.

AerSale also offers a complement of airframe support options specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your airline or MRO:

  • Parts exchange and loaners
  • Inventory purchase and lease-back
  • On-site inventory spares support programs
  • Inventory management and logistics
  • Aircraft disassembly, repair, and storage management
  • Surplus inventory acquisition and consignment

Our established network of quality-certified MRO facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers optimizes global response times.

Continuous Supply-Chain Provider

As a large mid-life aircraft lessor, AerSale's aircraft portfolio requirements provide a continual source of hard-to-find airframe components.

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