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“One source for all the tools needed to maximize flight equipment performance and value.”

Maximizing aftermarket aircraft, engine and component values throughout their life-cycle

Featuring Comprehensive Integrated Capabilities

As a significant investor in aftermarket aircraft and engines, we understand the evolving needs of flight equipment stakeholders as their assets get closer to retirement and are eventually removed from service. Over the years AerSale has been dedicated to bringing together the infrastructure and expertise needed to maximize aircraft and engine values throughout their operating life in conjunction with realizing their highest residual value at retirement.

Today, AerSale’s fully integrated business units are ideally suited to realize maximum flight equipment values by ensuring each aircraft, engine, and sub-component is returned to service in its highest value capacity. We do this by leveraging our deep market and technical knowledge of flight equipment to bundle critical value-added services that other asset managers are traditionally forced to outsource such as flight equipment sales, leasing, MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul), disassembly, and storage services.

Our integrated capabilities provide AerSale with greater efficiencies in monetizing flight equipment assets to help unlock significantly more value for our client's flight equipment investments, featuring:

  • Global marketing services for aircraft and engine sales
  • Established international aircraft and engine leasing services to optimize remaining service-life value prior to asset disassembly
  • Efficient in-house disassembly of aircraft and engines for used serviceable material (USM) sales
  • Established international USM materials supply-chain network to efficiently monetize aircraft and engine components in support of OEM and independent MRO facilities worldwide
  • MRO and modification of aircraft, engines and components for expedited sale in higher-demand configuration

Accelerate Capital Recovery Through AerSale Out-Right Purchase

We are continually seeking to expand our aircraft and engine portfolios through fleet and spares inventory acquisitions and have both the capital and expertise to efficiently monetize your assets in a challenging aviation environment. Let our integrated value extraction capabilities help you attain the best price for your surplus aviation assets.

  • Fair and straightforward cash purchase offers for aircraft, engines, inventory spares, and tooling
  • A strong balance sheet minimizes closing risk
  • In-house technical and records capabilities for expedited large-scale transaction closings

We invite you to speak with an AerSale representative about how we can help support your organization with our complete suite of asset management support options.

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