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Highly experienced composite and sheet metal craftsmen with extensive in-house repair and fabrication capabilities.  


AerSale provides specialized aircraft AeroStructure maintenance and modification services from its FAA/EASA approved repair stations located in Miami, Florida and Memphis, Tennessee.  


AerSale AeroStructures – Miami, FL (Formerly Aircraft Composite Technologies, Inc.)

7860 N.W. 76 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33166
+1 305.888.5844
24/7 AOG: +1 305.888.5844

AerSale AeroStructures - Miami located just minutes away from Miami International Airport, features a 35,000 sq. ft. workshop, autoclave, and offices to accommodate our highly skilled aerostructure professionals and technicians. AerSale AeroStructures provides a full range of capabilities for the repair and overhaul of sheet metal and advanced bonded component applications, including control surfaces, nacelles, engine cowlings, and thrust reversers, spanning a wide range of commercial and military aircraft models.

AerSale AeroStructures – Memphis, TN (Formerly Q2 Aviation)

3918 Willow Lake Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee 38118
+1 901.707.8385

AerSale AeroStructures - Memphis is located just minutes from Memphis International Airport, and specializes in the repair and overhaul of commercial and military transport category airframe and engine nacelle components. This facility features a 35,000 sq. ft. workshop and office space, and specializes in quick-turn ‘Aircraft On Ground’ repairs and exchanges in support of cargo and passenger operators world-wide.

 Supported AeroStructures

Nacelles (nose/inlet cowls, fan cowls, engine side cowls, core cowls, exhaust sleeves, exhaust nozzle, and acoustic panels)
Fan/thrust reversers (fan/thrust reverser assemblies, fixed structure, translating sleeve, cascades, and blocker door)
Exhaust assemblies and plugs
Cargo and entry doors
Fairings, shrouds, vents, and scoops
Mechanical actuation
Flight control surfaces (flaps, leading edge slats, spoilers, tabs, ailerons, rudders, and horizontal stabilizers)

 Featured In-house Capabilities

Advanced composite and bonded metal materials repair, including; Honeycomb, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Graphite, Nomex Core, Kevlar, and wide-ranging Hybrid Applications
Classic Sheet Metal Craftsmanship
On-site 10’20’ Automated Autoclave
Drying and Heat-Treat Ovens
Paint Booths
Environmentally controlled clean rooms for OEM-equivalent composite repairs



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