Products with FAA STCs

Our proactive development helps customers cost-effectively meet agency mandates, requirements, and deadlines.

Compliance Made Easy

The short lead times of AerSale® products allow operators to avoid potential installation facility backlogs, component shortages, and price premiums as compliance deadlines approach.

Pain-Free Installation

Proprietary AerSale products come as a fabricated kit that includes all necessary parts and can be installed by our technicians at any hangar around the world.


AerSafe™ for FTFR Rule

A more economical fuel tank flammability reduction option, AerSafe has a short lead time, installs quickly, and is virtually maintenance-free.


AerTrak™ for ADS-B Out

Our cost-effective ADS-B Out solution offers numerous advantages while offering an easy path to ADS-B Out compliance.

Why Overspend for Nitrogen Inerting?

Get the details on AerSafe and meet the FAA FTFR rule.