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As a leading provider of overhauled aircraft landing gear, we take pride in transforming worn components into masterpieces of precision and durability. Our state-of-the-art facility is a hub of innovation and technical prowess, where experienced technicians collaborate to breathe new life into landing gear systems. Every piece undergoes a rigorous process of disassembly, inspection, repair, and reassembly, adhering to the strictest quality controls. The result? Overhauled landing gear that not only meets OEM specifications but also raises the bar for performance and safety. Whether you're an airline or a maintenance center, our comprehensive range of overhauled landing gear options caters to diverse needs. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who trust AerSale for superior quality and reliability in every takeoff and landing.

 Model Position Part Number Condition Status CSN
 A320-200    LHM 201581001 OHC In Stock 11075
    RHM 201581002 OHC In Stock 11075
     NLG D23757500-9 OHC In Stock 11075
B767-300 LHM 161T1000-789 OHC In Stock 0
  RHM 161T100-790 OHC In Stock 0
  NLG 162T1136-050 OHC In Stock 0


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While we endeavor the keep this listing regularly updated, AerSale is continually acquiring more landing gear as well as receiving lease-return landing gear back into our portfolio. We invite you to speak with an AerSale professional for the latest availability.

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