One-Stop Source.
Non-Stop Service.


AerSale® is a global leader and market innovator specializing in aviation products and services to meet the growing demand for aftermarket support in global passenger, cargo, and government segments.

Featuring complete aircraft nose-to-tail value-added offerings, including:

  • Aircraft & Component Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Services (MRO)

  • Aircraft & Engine Sales and Leasing

  • Used Serviceable Material (USM) Sales and Parts Exchange

  • Flight Equipment Asset Management Services

  • Internally developed aircraft and component modifications ‘Engineered Solutions’ designed to enhance aircraft performance and operating economics (e.g. AerSafe™, AerTrack™ and AerAware™)

Unequalled aircraft support from; Sales & Leasing, to Heavy Maintenance and Modification, to Spare Parts Support, and Customized Engineering Services.  

Featuring Ready-Spare Engines and Components for Sale, Lease, & Exchange. Fully supported by our expert engineering, technical and product-line specialists.  

Providing a consistent supply of competitively priced high-quality OEM aftermarket aircraft and engine materials to the world’s leading airlines and MROs

Leading world-class MRO & engineering services covering complete Aircraft, Aircraft Component, Aerostructure, and Landing gear systems

One Choice for Aviation Aftermarket Expertise.

AerSale provides full-service support for aircraft owners and operators across the entire range of flight equipment, from whole aircraft support down to their individual components. Working seamlessly together, our integrated business units provide a true “One-Stop” source dedicated to saving our customers time and money.

Featuring flexible sales, lease, MRO, and technical solutions to create unrivaled responsiveness to the evolving needs of flight equipment Owners, Operators and MROs worldwide.



Take a closer look at how AerSale helps keep your aviation assets in the air and your customers on the go.

Get More Value.

Over the past decade AerSale has brought together the expertise, infrastructure, and capital to maximize the value of aftermarket flight equipment. We believe our comprehensive suite of integrated offerings significantly differentiate AerSale in providing faster and more cost-efficient solutions to generate greater value for our customers and investors.

From flight equipment Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, to aircraft and engine sales and leasing, to comprehensive aircraft asset management. 

Featured high-quality aftermarket aircraft, engines and parts, in addition to AerSale’s trademark products to enhance aircraft safety, economics, and service life. 

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