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Maximum Value Extraction

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Improving customer ROI through optimized operational efficiency.

AerSale® offers a full spectrum of integrated fleet support and MRO solutions designed to optimize operational efficiency and deliver a distinguishable return on investment. Our comprehensive aftermarket expertise helps ensure that your aircraft, engines, parts, and components are cost-effective to obtain and operate, are readily available, and that they reach the longest possible service life.

Immediate 24/7/365 AOG

Our unprecedented AOG support gets your aircraft back in the air in the shortest period of time. AerSale features highly-skilled technical teams and logistics specialists for expedited parts dispatch.

Maximized Flight Time, Minimized Downtime

AerSale provides a broad range of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) and engineering services for commercial aircraft and components. Our services cover aircraft heavy maintenance including letter checks, conversions, structural and avionics modifications, storage, disassembly, component MRO, and warehousing.

Flexible Leasing Terms & Ready Spares

Our customer-oriented transactions team specializes in flexible lease terms tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. For those customers who prefer not to tie up capital in aircraft or engine ownership, we formulate short, medium, or long-term lease agreements to best suit their specific needs. We offer purchase lease-back programs to allow our customers to take aircraft and engines off their balance sheets, while providing an immediate cash infusion to support their operations. We also maintain a large pool of ready spare engines to support AOGs, maintenance events, and cost-per-flight-hour programs.

Competitive Pricing without Inventory Ownership

AerSale is a leading provider of quality certified and fully documented used serviceable OEM materials in support of premier OEM and independent MROs worldwide. Customers turn to us for a reliable, consistent source of competitively priced aircraft parts and components, eliminating their inventory ownership costs.

Cost-Effective Mandatory Compliance Solutions

Expanding our MRO capabilities, AerSale Parts Manufacturing develops proprietary systems such as AerSafe® and AerTrak®, which have been issued Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) from the FAA to comply with the agency’s various rules and mandates. These proprietary systems are cost-effective solutions that offer minimal installation time anywhere in the world, are available with short lead times, and allow operators to avoid potential installation facility backlogs, component shortages, and price premiums often associated with mandate requirements and approaching compliance deadlines.

Onsite Storage & Just-in-Time Solutions

As part of our extensive MRO infrastructure and established global supply-chain network, AerSale offers an array of end-of-life aircraft services, including aircraft storage, disassembly, component MRO, warehousing, distribution, and asset management.

Flight Equipment Management & Monetization

As a significant investor in mid-life flight equipment, AerSale has developed the ability to recover maximum asset value not only from whole aircraft and engines, but also down to the engine and airframe parts level. Whether our customers’ surplus flight equipment assets are available for immediate trade, or in years to come, we specialize in managing aviation assets for optimal value extraction.