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Designing, building, and installing PMA parts, components, and proprietary systems

Full-Service PMA Parts

From initial concept to certification, AerSale® Parts Manufacturing offers full-service design, build, and installation for aircraft modification and alteration. Our extensive capabilities include:

  • Engineering and design
  • Metal fabrication
  • Wire harness fabrication
  • Marking and ID capabilities
  • System kitting
  • End-product supply logistics management

Proactive Development Among Aircraft Parts Manufacturers

AerSale Parts Manufacturing has PMA (Parts Manufacturing Approval) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to produce commercial and military aircraft parts (FAA PMA PQ03874SW). Unlike other aircraft parts manufacturers, we also proactively develop proprietary systems such as AerSafe® and AerTrak®, which have been issued Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) from the FAA to comply with the agency’s various rules and mandates. We develop these innovative solutions to meet customer needs—often before those needs are recognized.

Modernizing Customer Aircraft

Without having to outsource additional design-build projects, our customers can bring in their aircraft and modernize them with specific upgrades:

  • In-flight entertainment systems
  • Interior reconfigurations
  • Avionics upgrades
  • FAA/CAA-mandated regulatory compliance

Component Parts Manufacturer Approval

We manufacture components, complete the installation, and test onsite at our Roswell, New Mexico, and Goodyear, Arizona, MRO facilities. We also sell kits and conduct installations off-site.

PMA Parts Manufacturing Team & Facility

Our teams of aerospace professionals handle all aspects of the manufacturing process including design, engineering, and production. Our FAA-approved Roswell location features:

  • 17,000 square-foot manufacturing facility
  • Dedicated fabrication, warehousing, and logistics
  • State-of-the-art LED lighting
  • Employee-designed-and-built wire harness manufacturing stations with the latest harness retention systems