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Engine Solutions
From on-wing engine troubleshooting, repair, testing and preservation, through engine lease and replacement options

Specializing in adept ‘On-wing’ technical services, and expert ‘Off-wing’ engine management.

We oversee the care of hundreds of engines annually at our aircraft heavy maintenance facilities in Goodyear, AZ and Roswell, NN, where AerSale is responsible for the inspection, trouble-shooting, line-maintenance, and field repairs for countless aircraft engines. We underpin these activities with support from our expert powerplant engineers, component support specialists, and engine leasing & exchange professionals to help lower our customer’s MRO expenses and extend on-wing engine time.

  • Engine Inspection
  • Engine Boroscope
  • Engine Inventory
  • Engine Boro-blending
  • Engine Troubleshooting
  • Engine Line Maintenance
  • Engine Field Service Repair
  • On-wing Engine Performance Testing
  • FAA/EASA Release Certification
  • On-wing Engine Trim Balance
  • Engine Preservation
  • NDT Testing (including CFM56 Service Bullet 72-1033)
  • Engine Removal and Installation
  • Engine Shop Visit Management
    • Work-scope Development
    • Records, Hardware, and Invoicing Audit
    • Engine Performance Analysis
    • On-wing Engine Trend-Monitoring

We invite you to speak with an AerSale representative about how our aircraft engine experts can help with your organization’s engine services needs.

Save on your powerplant requirements with AerSale’s full line of engine services and spares engine support options.