Flight Equipment & Aircraft Acquisition

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Effective Asset Acquisition Planning Is Key

Learn how to evaluate potential partners for maximum value extraction.


Offering the capital and expertise to efficiently monetize your aviation assets with effective aircraft acquisition planning.

Whether you have flight equipment available for immediate delivery or subject to return from lease in years to come, AerSale® has the ability to help your organization free up precious capital for strategic or operational purposes.

We are continually seeking to expand our aircraft and engine portfolios through fleet and spares inventory acquisitions, and have both the capital and expertise to help your company efficiently monetize these assets in today’s aviation aftermarket. Our integrated value extraction capabilities ensure the best price for your surplus aviation assets.

AerSale provides competitive purchase offers that are based on real-time transactional experience. The advantages of working with us include:

  • Fair and straightforward cash purchase offers for engines, inventory, and tooling
  • A strong balance sheet that minimizes closing risks
  • Experienced purchasing staff that excels in closing transactions quickly