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Determining the best MRO for your airline: A new industry brief from AerSale

The challenges facing airlines and other commercial operators today are familiar, persistent, and cyclical. Fuel prices, economic pressures, technological changes, regulatory issues, airspace and airport capacity, and airplane maintenance all impact how an airline conducts its business. These factors do not operate independently and often create multiple pressures driving the need for airline change and adaptation. Aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) is one of these important key challenges and every airline must decide whether to select an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or independent MRO going forward. Evaluating and selecting the right MRO partner is the subject of a new, complimentary industry brief available now from AerSale®. Commercial aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul is an essential requirement, not only ensuring regulatory compliance, but that aircraft are maintained in pre-determined conditions of airworthiness to safely transport passengers and cargo. Just as the airline industry is impacted by its own set of factors, the commercial MRO aviation market is influenced by external factors in the wider air transport industry. This includes global fleet size, aircraft utilization, and increasing and decreasing air traffic volumes of both passengers and cargo.

With strong demand for air travel continuing to increase, many airlines are looking for ways to cost-effectively expand their fleets. Although Boeing, Airbus, and other OEMs are ramping up rates of their most popular models – like the B737 MAX, B787, A320 NEO, and A350 families, production and supply chain issues have caused delays for some. As fuel prices decline and older aircraft become more profitable to operate at higher utilizations than new aircraft, many operators are keeping older aircraft flying longer and pulling many aircraft from storage.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), during the first half of 2017, carriers reactivated 125 aircraft from storage and returned them to service. Depending on their condition prior to deactivation, this represents a sizeable investment in the number of seats available for service, and potentially significant costs to regenerate these aircraft. Now the questions facing airlines and operators are: Who do I trust to execute this work and how do I evaluate them?

AerSale is a vertically integrated global leader in the supply of aftermarket aircraft, engines, OEM material, and asset management services from an airplane’s first cycle to recycle. We know selecting the right maintenance, repair, and overhaul partner is critical for your business. To help you, we have compiled a new industry brief of top capabilities and requirements to consider when evaluating any MRO provider.

  • Certification
  • In-House Capabilities
  • Facilities
  • Staffing
  • Pricing

Your fleet is too important to trust just anyone either in the sky or on the ground. After reviewing these detailed criteria, you will understand the important questions to ask and what to look for in an MRO partner – and how a good MRO partner helps you maximize the value of your fleet through its entire life cycle.

Click here to receive your copy of this complimentary industry brief from AerSale.

About AerSale

A global aviation leader, AerSale supplies aftermarket commercial aircraft, engines, and OEM used serviceable material to passenger and cargo airlines, leasing organizations, government entities, multinational OEMs, and independent MROs. The company offers flexible leases and finance options for a wide range of the most popular aftermarket aircraft and engines, offers asset management services to owners of end-of-life aircraft and engine portfolios, and maintains one of the world’s most comprehensive inventories of aircraft and engine components. Headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida, AerSale maintains offices and operations in the United States, Europe, and Asia. For more information on how AerSale can keep your aviation assets functional and profitable from first flight to final flight, visit or contact us

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