Specializing in mid-life aircraft asset management with the broad expertise and infrastructure to support successful project execution.

Getting the best value possible requires a wide range of expertise and infrastructure for successful project execution. As a significant investor in mid-life flight equipment, AerSale® has the ability to recover maximum asset value not only from whole aircraft and engines, but also down to the engine and airframe part level. Done properly, this process requires in-depth airframe and powerplant technical knowledge, in conjunction with global market savvy that complements a robust logistics and distribution network. Other key factors that distinguish our aircraft asset management capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive aircraft and engine fleet management expertise
  • Global reach with both country-specific and regional experience
  • An established network of long-term premier OEM, MRO, and operator clients
  • Proficiency in working within demanding regulatory environments and challenging regional legal jurisdictions

AerSale® is a proven leader in complex project management and offers these services to investors on both a stand-alone basis and as a prospective risk-sharing co-investor. If your organization is looking for the highest value from its older fleet exit, you can look to us for powerful financial leverage, comprehensive product and market expertise, and a global asset monetizing infrastructure.